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E-bike rental - ride the beauties of Slezská Harta on e-bikes


Want to enjoy a slightly untraditional cross-country trip around Slezská Harta? Wind in her hair and a smile on her face - these are e-bike trips. How much does the rental cost, when do I have to charge and where does the e-bike return? We have written all the important information for you in this article.

Electric bicycles will be appreciated by families with children, seniors or athletes in the regenerative or postoperative phase. The main reason to rent a bike is to manage routes that you wouldn't otherwise follow. By this we mean, for example, long terrains uphill. Of course, you can switch the drive off on a level surface or downhill.

How many e-bikes do we have?

We have a total of 8 bicycles in the rental shop. Each of them will last approximately 100 km until the next charge. Of course, it depends on how much and how often you use the engine.

Charging station

You don't have to worry that you'll be left without juice halfway, there are several charging stations in the Moravian-Silesian Region. In addition, if you rent a bike for a few days, you will get a charger for the bike. See a list of charging stations.

Where and when can I rent a bike? And where will I return it?

The bike is rented (booked) and returned to the same place - Leskovec nad Moravicí, Information Centre.

During the summer season (June - August), the rental shop is open from 08:30 until 18:00. Out of season (May, September - November) the time window is shortened slightly to 9:00 to 16:00.

How much will it cost me?

  • For 4 hours / 1 round 170 CZK
  • For 8 hours / 1 round 300 CZK
  • 1 day / 1 bike 390 CZK - can be rented for more days

The price also includes a helmet, lock and possibly a charger.

The refundable deposit for renting 1 bike is 1 000 CZK. You'll pay an additional 100 CZK for each hour.

You can pay by card at the Information Centre.

Where to go?

Take a pleasant trip to the Velký Roudný hill, where you can enjoy the landscape view from a beautiful wooden lookout tower. From the lookout tower you'll see Slezská Harta, the Hrubý Jeseník ridge, Nízký Jeseník, Oderské vrchy and Beskydy. Or go to the youngest volcano in the Czech Republic – Uhlířský vrch, which lies about 3 kilometres from Bruntál.

Other cycling routes:

  • Cycle route No. 6162 (26 km): Leskovec nad Moravicí -> Razová -> Dlouhá Stráň -> Nové Heřminovy
  • Cycle route No. 6164 (29 km): Leskovec nad Moravicí -> Staré Heřminovy> Svobodné Heřmanice> Sádek> Holasovice
  • Cycle route No. 6142 (39 km) Slezská Harta -> Nová pláň -> Břidličná -> Štěrkovec