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Become a captain for a day - an experience within the TECHNOTRASA project

Become the captain of a unique sightseeing electric-ship for at least a day on the youngest, and at the same time one of the most beautiful dams in our country. The tinkling sounds of moored yachts, the wind in your hair, the splashing "Jesenice Sea" and a delicious drink made from local products on our new ship's observation deck. This is a real experience with a whiff of summer holidays by the sea. If you don't just want to laze and enjoy the atmosphere, you can get acquainted with the ship's management, or just have your picture taken in the captain's cap or learn to tie the ship's knots correctly.


Starting point: Tourist Information Centre, Leskovec nad Moravicí 204, 793 68 Dvorce
Place of experience: Slezská Harta dam
Dates: June to September once a week, always on Saturday at 14:00.
Capacity: 10 people + children
Length of the program: 10 min introduction + tour of the dock, 70 min cruise


Adult 210 CZK
Children under 15 years 170 CZK
Children up to 6 years 120 CZK
Pushchair, dog 20 CZK

Non-payer of VAT

The product price includes:

An adventurous cruise on the Harta ship
Guide interpretation throughout the voyage
Promotional materials, a small souvenir
Snacks - regional liqueur and pastries from a local bakery