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HARTA electric boat

Historically the first large-capacity ship on Slezská Harta, built in 2017-2018 in Poland. Carries 45 people + crew, the lower deck is fully barrier-free, the upper deck is for sightseeing. There is also space for bicycles, prams and pushchairs. The ship's uniqueness is especially in its propulsion, which consists of lithium batteries. It's additionally equipped with solar panels, located both on the vessel's roof and sides. Therefore, the ship's propulsion is fully ecological. Harta is a steel catamaran, powered by electric motors with a total output of 2x25 kW. The ship is 17.99 m long and 5.06 m wide. The ship's production was financially supported by the Moravian-Silesian Region. It has a home port in Leskovec nad Moravicí.